The goverment visit Golden Eagle to supervise the work of enterprise safety in production

On the morning of 9th November, municipal standing committee, district Party working committee secretary together to Golen Eagle tpo supervise key enterprises work safety. He stressed that work safety is the bottom line, red line and lifeline! We must always put people's lives and lives above everything else, tighten the strings of production safety at all times, tighten the line of responsibility for production safety, strengthen the defense of production safety, and do all we can to ensure the safety and property of the people and social stability. District Party working Committee, deputy director of the management committee ,district emergency management Bureau, fire and rescue brigade, new energy and new materials industry office, social management bureau responsible person accompanied the supervision.


They inspected the production workshops and offices of the enterprises, inquired about the operation and development of the enterprises in detail, and learned about the safety risks in each production link and the implementation of the safety production system and measures.


Safe production is the lifeline of enterprise development, safe work must not allow any fluke and satisfaction. Enterprises should firmly set up the safety in production line, the bottom line of thinking, earnestly implement the safety production of the main body responsibility, pays special attention to the safety in production earnestly strengthen the responsibility of the bear and ideological consciousness, improve the safety production management system, plug up loopholes in the safety management, regularly carry out the security check, the safe hidden trouble in the bud; Strictly implement the safety measures, establish and improve the emergency plan system, improve the emergency plan management system, strengthen emergency duty, to ensure the implementation of work safety; It is necessary to strengthen safety education and training for employees, improve their awareness of production safety and safety prevention level, and put all safety measures into practice. All levels and departments should always adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, always tighten the leash on production safety, strictly implement the primary responsibility for production safety, departmental oversight responsibility, and local management responsibility, and make sure that safety work is done beforehand, adequately, and effectively, so as to truly "take precautions against future events" and prevent future events. We need to strengthen supervision and inspection, and effectively strengthen safety supervision over the production, storage, operation, transportation, use, disposal and disposal of hazardous chemicals. In particular, we need to strengthen safety supervision over the transportation and storage of dangerous goods, strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, improve production safety, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

Post time: Sep-11-2021