Different enterprise culture, Golden Eagle prepare a learning garden and children’s paradise for employees

In order to help the employees to solve the problem of unattended children at home, Golden Eagle solved the worries for employees, to provide a safe and comfortable learning and entertainment environment for the children, so that parents can work in peace.


Bright space, comfortable temperature, in order to give children the best learning and entertainment environment, Golden Eagle dedicate two offices to make children's paradise. One room is filled with desks for children to study, and the other is filled with books and toys for children to play during recess. The children became masters of these two offices, where they learned to play.


Most employees are mother, for them, the children's holiday at home is a big problem, the child is not safe at home alone. Here, the children can make partners of different ages, from the other partner to learn knowledge, there are a lot of books, can satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Golden Eagle also make children planning course of a day, to reduce dependence on electronics, let them learn to allocate their own time.


Take your child to work in the morning and go home with them after work in the afternoon. Have you ever had the experience of working together as a family? 

Post time: Apr-12-2022