Cooperation &across, Magmet leaders come to Golden Eagle for guidance work

On 8th July, 2021, the general manager of Magmet and his team came to Golden Eagle Coil for guidance work .

Factoty photo

With the theme of "Lean production deepens and strengthens, reducing cost and improving quality as the goal", relevant meetings were held. The general manager of Magmet Group, director of supply chain, R&D Department, quality Department and purchasing Department attended the meeting. The meeting launched a series of discussions on "Magmet and Golden Eagle work together to improve lean production and achieve the common goal of complementation and win-win". At this special time of the epidemic, leaders at all levels of Magmet are very grateful to visit our company and guide our work.


The general manager of Magmet said that we can reach 400 million RMB according to the current scale , and achieve double development. Golden Eagle Coil general manager led  the general manager of Magmet came to the production line guidance.


Intelligent inductor coil workshop


Lean production workshop

The general manager of Magmet was deeply impressed by the working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere and hard-working staff of Golden Eagle Coil. He hopes to achieve mutual benefit and common development in future cooperation projects.


Post time: Apr-13-2022