Ferrite Core Antenna Coil Copper Coils For Am Fm Radio

Short Description:

Rod type (R type) choke, with current, firm structure, strong filtering ability characteristics, widely used in antenna ,switching power supply and other electronic equipment.

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Low cost
Combined with high frequency ferrite core
High saturation current
The coil body dipping (glue),pin tinned
Good for high current circuit

High saturation current
Firm structure
Axial radial types are available
Customized specifications are welcomed


1.AM Radio, FM Radio
2. Power Supplies, battery Charger, inverter , Convertor
3. LCD, notebook computer, handheld notebook, digital products
4.Network communication etc.

5.EV car, Automotive
6.Home Application
7.Medical Application

Our advantage---Why do you buy from us?

1. Have two modern factories in Dongguan and Pingxiang, it has more than 400 imported equipment and more than 800 employees.
2. In the past 10 years, we have focused on world top 10 brand company, supply 43% famous brand all over the world.
3.For precision inductor coils ,the wire diameter we can produce is more than 10 times thinner than a human hair, it is difficult to find another factory in China to place an order except us.
4.Good at small orders with small batches, difficult technology, multiple varieties, and urgent delivery.
5.Especially good at the research and development of difficult precision coils. If you continued to fail in several factories , please do try to place a sample order to our factory of Golden Eagle.
6. 20 customers visit the factory, 19 ones places an order, welcome to visit the factory.
7. Φ0.5 ~1mm inductance coil has reached the medical grade sensor requirements, most factories do not have such precision manufacturing capacity.
8.We are one of no more than 4 domestic factories that can weld precision inductance coils under the microscope.
9.Customers do business with us make big money, increasing by at least 30% a year.

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