Why Choose Us

Why choose us ?


All the global brands you know are using the high precision inductor coils developed and produced by us, which have already been exported to more than 20 countries.


Have two modern factories in Dongguan and Pingxiang, with more than 400 sets of imported equipments and more than 800 employees. There is no fourth factory can compare with us.


For high precision inductor coils ,the wire diameter we can produce is more than 10 times thinner than a human hair, it is difficult to find another factory in China to place an order except us.


Have 47 patents and nearly 20 proprietary technologies that are under review.


Especially good at the research and development of high difficulty precision inductor coils. If you continued to fail in several factories , please do try with Golden Eagle factory.


We are one of no more than 4 domestic factories that can weld precision inductor coils under the microscope.


The dimension accuracy of our Japanese automatic winding machine can reach ±0.001mm, which is 10 times than the most factories with domestic equipment.


φ0.5~1mm inductor coil has reached the requirements of medical grade sensors, most factories can not do.


Mold precision is ±50μm with imported tensioner, the precision of inductor coil is difficult to be comparable to the second factory.


Automatic gluing and vacuuming process is adopted, while most of the peer factories use manual gluing.


For copper wire, as the quality of some domestic copper wire is equal or exceed the standard than imported, so we use both imported and domestic brands.


The sampling rate of raw material inspection is 2-3 times of the industry standard, and it is difficult for any factory to adopt a higher standard than ours.


For pinhole, uniformity, meter resistance and other 10 items of wire inspection, the standard is far higher than the average level of the industry.


For urgent orders, we input production on the same day and you can take part of the goods on the same day.


Although the price is 10~20% higher, but the service lifetime is 1~2 times of the average peer.


After -sales 20 minutes to respond, 2 hours to solution, 2 days to the factory site.


Although the manufacturing process is similar, but our factory quality control points up to 75, which is more insurable than insurance companies, it’s difficult to achieve in the same industry.


Many years of stable and reliable batch quality, so that win a number of loyal brand large orders year after year until now.


In recent years, there have been 10 listed companies to audit, 10 passed and placed order, what do you worry about?